Some of our most hurtful moments can come at the hand of someone we love. According to Esther Perel and her YouTube presentation, Fight Smarter: Put Escalating Fights on Ice, Esther claims that the reason we fight is because one of three needs. The need for closeness and care. The need for respect and recognition. […]

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Could the reason for high rates of anxiety and depression in our youth be attributed to FOMO, or is there something else going on? If you’ve spent any time around someone from generation “Z”, and especially groups of this particular species, you will inevitably hear one of them talk about depression or anxiety. Either this […]

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I recently listened to the 2012 Ted Talk, How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over, by Mel Robbins. In summary, she claims to be able to help you to get anything you want. Her premise, you just need to force yourself to do it. Seems simple enough, don’t you think? Robbins claims that the reason you […]

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