What if someone told you that taking more time to relax will make you happier? A recent study featured in neurosciencenews.com (cited below) states that hedonism is just as important to well-being as is working towards long-term goals.  Woo-hoo!! It’s summer, so lets enjoy doing nothing.  (Full disclosure. When this study popped up on my […]

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The children now love luxuryThey have bad manners, contempt for authority.They show disrespect for elders, andThey love chatter in the place of exercise! Sound familiar? Would you be surprised if I told you that quote was written by Socrates over 2000 years ago? Needless to say, what you are experiencing with your teen is nothing […]

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Just 3 days ago, a new YouTube video appeared in my news feed. The First Step of Conscious Manifestation | Conscious Manifestation 2020, by Ekhart Tolle. In the video, Mr. Tolle instructs us on how to handle negative experiences. He explains, when you are faced with a negative experience (ie. death, loss of a job, […]

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You were with someone that you thought was pretty wonderful. You had some good times, and then, some not so good times. For whatever reason, you decided to part ways.  But you keep having this nagging feeling that makes you think you want your ex back. But why? The relationship is over. If we were […]

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