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"The most powerful ... predictor of adult life-satisfaction is [your] emotional health, followed by [your] conduct."
Layard et al, 2014

Hello! I'm Brandys

I'm a clinical counsellor, author, and emotion specialist.

I work with the emotionally distraught to become Emotionally Grounded and feel strong and confident in any situation or circumstance.

My work comes from a combination of professional training and personal experience. I have experience working with Anxiety, Trauma, PTSD, Parenting, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Family Relationships, and Intimate Relationships.

Life has taken me on a journey to teach me all about emotion and how emotional health is the key to lifetime satisfaction.

I found that my own happiness was directly related to my ability to understand and manage my emotions. 

I consciously invested in my own emotional journey which resulted in strength and confidence. Or in other words, becoming Emotionally Grounded.

Image of Brandys Evans, Clinical Counsellor in North Vancouver

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