Emotionally Overwhelmed

Brandys Evans, Clinical Counsellor, singing into a bouquet of flowers

to Emotionally Grounded

Hi! I'm Brandys

I'm a clinical counsellor, author, and emotion specialist.

My expertise comes from professional training and my personal growth journeyLife has taught me so much about emotion and its importance in the growth and development of oneself.

Like so many of us, I have felt overwhelming emotion that was difficult to manage. There have been times when I lay on the floor, curled up in the fetal position, crying, aching, and feeling like there is no way I could go on. 

And then, the moment would pass, and I would think that I was worth more than all my pain and all my tears.

Then, it all finally made sense. My tears were my teacher. The pain had a message, and I needed to learn how to listen.

I realized that my relationship with emotion required a change. I needed to hear and understand emotion so emotion could grow me.

I realized that my attempts to ignore, dismiss, or control my emotions were counterproductive. Because emotions are not meant to be controlled. Emotions are meant to be heard and understood.

Once emotion is heard and understood, your mind is open to move you forward, and the result is to feel wonderful!

“We can train the body and the brain to be okay with the pain, to go through the pain, and on the other side, is a strong, connected, content you."
Brandys Evans

Once I put conscious effort into understanding emotion and its role in my body, I was able to stop fighting emotion, and instead, learned how to use it to grow. 

If you’ve come this far, you’re probably a lot like me. A caring, generous, compassionate individual who feels deeply.

That is exactly why I feel so passionate about helping you to hear and understand YOU to become strong and confident in any situation or circumstance.

 By releasing and re-configuring your deep-rooted imprinting, your body re-corrects and you’re left feeling free, light, and capable.

So when you are ready to go from emotionally distraught to Emotionally Grounded, I am here for you.

Brandys Evans

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