Are you “struggling” with your child’s behaviour, even though you have tried everything and their emotions still feel out of control?

Are you looking for a way to help your child, and help you, so that your home can be a happier place?

In this conversational and action-oriented book, Brandys Evans presents a proven solution that will take you from chaos to calm in a few simple steps. 

Image of Brandys' book, Listen by Brandys Evans, Clinical counsellor, emotion specialist and author

In LISTEN! you will find:

  • Brandys’ 4-step method that will take you from chaos to calm during stressful moments (know how to handle a tantrum at any age).
  • How to build a strong child from the inside-out.
  • How to feel empowered as a parent and how to empower your child, producing a stronger bond between the two of you.
  • An explanation of age-appropriate behaviour so you can stop blaming your child, or yourself when you just don’t understand.
  • A conversational explanation of emotion and behaviour so you can finally understand your child.
  • Parenting hacks to set you up for success in raising a confident child.

LISTEN! equips readers with the answers they have been seeking to understand their child’s emotions and behaviours and to offer growth-promoting support in their child’s healthy emotional development.

LISTEN! turns conscientious parents into successful parents.

Don’t wait.

Read this book and finally feel like you understand what you need to do to help your child succeed.


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